Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ten Minutes !

Well Omens! I believe a lot in them. There was some snag in the taxi at around half past twelve, driver said it might take a while before we start moving again, during that time there was some pulsation in my right eye (not considered as a good omen), whenever this happens my mind starts getting negative but I usually try to ignore the feeling. Hmm thankfully, the problem was diagnosed and cured and we set on our journey within ten minutes.
It was kind of a déjà vu , in the sense that since the past 20 years we had been going for our vacations to Bangalore for almost a month ,every year and it was usually late in night that we returned home feeling sad about ending the holidays but this time it was different I was happy relaxed returning home and along with the feeling there was something else also that was quite different this time.
It was 2:45 at night when we finally reached home. Half asleep, reluctantly we got off the cozy car we started unloading our stuff from the taxi . My mum opened the lock of the gate entered in went to the door, I was behind her, suddenly she stopped at the door and looked at me and then the door .. I followed her gaze and started laughing that dad forgot to lock the door. Nothing else hit my mind until I heard voices from within the house … Huff!! My heart just sank.I started shivering . Slowly with more noise we just realized that the home sweet home that we felt so secure in all these days had intruders . Coming face to face with the situation Dad fearlessly went inside the dark house and shouted “Kaun hai kaun hai ”
There was a flurry of footsteps and I heard Dad scream in a way that I just lost a breath. Mom was completely speechless I started shouting “chor chor” I stopped the driver who was reversing the car and suddenly dad cam running outside and a man was behind him aiming a sharp tool at him . He just wanted a safe passage I suppose that is why as soon as dad gave him way he just disappeared in the dark. We watched him stunned when another man came from nowhere and jumped over the wall in the garden with such expertise it seemed he had practiced it many times. I ran behind that man with a brick in hand driver also assisted but he was too swift he too vanished.
With crossed fingers we entered the house. The door had been meticulously broken and look at them they had chosen my room as their target. Mess among mess .The thieves had located the main almirah and had done all the hard work and at the moment they might have been forming castles of sand and exhilarating with the joy of accomplishment we came as a splash of water. It was just a matter of another 5 minutes they would have got all that they wanted but as I always say “There is somebody somewhere watching” we had not lost anything. It is that the coming of thieves just exposed the vulnerability of our house and shattered the myth we had been carrying since 20 years about Patiala being safe.
People started gathering around and the next couple of hours till the dawn went on explaining people When! What! How!
As light crept in it was the time to put things together and unearth what could have been the sequence of this happening tending to the mishappening!
While everybody else was busy reporting to the police, my sister and I decided to wear the detective monocle and start our investigation spree .It was as if our childhood dreams – inspired from the various detective serials that we had watched – of becoming Sherelock Holmes and wearing the investigator’s hat had finally materialized .We Had case in Hand.
Moving through the garden we just deciphered that the acrobatic thief who left us spell bound with his jump over the wall had actually used a flowerpot as a staircase after brutally crushing down the rose shrub that my mom had painstakingly watered everyday without a miss to see it flower. But alas ! it was not to be.
After making that path breaking revelation we moved ahead . Well moving through the criminal spot we spotted two pairs of chappals .These chappals were placed under a bush ,so neatly as if the thieves had come to a temple. My sister and my brains ran even faster we had a major clue in hand .We started analyzing the sand stuck on them and put them into a polythene bag thinking that police dog may sniff them and trace the theif. The tool that these people had used for cutting the mesh of the door we got that as well and finding too many match sticks used and no torch in their hand we came to a conclusion that they were probably too poor chors!
Finally after our deductions and analysis we decided to wait for the police to give us a helping hand in our investigation! But actually they had showed a hand to our investigation [:P]
Soon we were informed that police had asked us not to register any case as nothing was lost!!
So no police! No appreciation! No sniffer dogs! We finally settled our detective instincts by narrating the incident to all the curious people around!


Delhi 6 !

Ahh !! New Delhi !!

Six long months ! A flash back and a series of events that just changed my life unexpectedly.. This is a place where I had never imagined myself to be but you see sometimes God has his own plans to execute. I don’t know whether its been for the good the better or the best (:) optimistic Archie (:) the time elapsed and how it started is just amazing . It seems I didn’t live 366 days in 2008 but I lived in two quarters.
The first half Bangalore ! aah I just love the place , though I haven’t had a continued stay over there but something about Bangalore that just cheers me up !
Six months with good friends an unusual company of relatives a cherished stay home away from home. And then came 1st july to 6th july a week that was no less than a suspense thriller sequence.
The climax – I am in Delh today [J]
30th June’2008 my last day in Bangalore. Adieu to TI and friends I set on a journey back home at 3 am with a couple of friends who were happy to return but I bid a farewell to Bangalore wishing that it will call me back … but as I said things had been planned elsewhere for me .
1 st july I was back home after 6 months. I had an offer to join TCS on 7th July in Trivandrum, I was not willing to join so soon the reason being a stay at home for a while and just in a hope that the huge TI promises will materialize I decided to ask for an extension in the joining. On 2nd of July I went to the college asking for the extension and after being assured that an extension may be possible I just drove back home and the moment I opened the door of my house (it is as dramatic as its written) a phone rang . The caller was the HR of Samsung for which I had been interviewed long back, they said they wanted to hire me and for that I will have to join them tomorrow itself in Delhi. A situation I had never imagined in the wildest quarters of my imagination. I had to decide in an hour! Package was good / core engineering company / nearer home but no Bangalore. But it had to be yes or a no. Yes means tomorrow I would be in Delhi and a no meant that I might be missing a great opportunity.. Both ways I had no idea where I was heading to so just went by the gut feeling that it has come on its own it might be good .I decided and from the unpacked things ,I gathered some stuff took a taxi at 4 in the morning and set out for Delhi with my family .
Joined Samsung on 3rd July. As I entered the building, there were all new faces smiling at me. There were already a few freshers present. Who had imagined that the person I was going to meet now was about to make me a world famous in Samsung engineering (*wink *wink*).
Well I met a girl who was in search of a room partner .well it seems it was meant for me . I actually came there half hearted still hoping for some favorable change to occur .I just slipped into an offer of sharing a room with a girl who was also in search of a room partner. Then came 4 th it was a Friday, I decided to go back home for the weekend with my parents dumping my luggage at the new residence which was definitely a five star compared to the living conditions in Bangalore! Well it was with the hospitable owner of the house . So at around 8 in the night we started back for Patiala..
Hmmm…I was carrying so much baggage, it felt so nice going back home, cushioned by the company of my family I just heaved a sigh of relief rested my head on my mom’s shoulder and as the car proceeded on the way to Patiala I went for a long drive in the dreamy lanes …..though unaware of what was to come !!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

There is somebody somewhere watching ………

So friends I am finally breaking my exile from blogging ….rather the day today has been such an exilerating experience that I cant restrain my emotions n wish to account the events today ….
Well to start with ..we are having an inter year competition these days in the college …I am in the third year and the actual strength of our batch is 400 (approx) ..but alas the timing of the event is such that more than half of our batch is out on training with majority of them being those who have donned the stage for the past two years
So the situation was like this
unanimously there was one yr(year representative) from the guys and he was searching for a yr from the girls side …so as usual ..when everybody refused after cajoling and blackmails.. .people approached the abc combo to oblige the post ..and we plunged B into the war for survival ..when the other years were carrying a motto “aim for victory “ ours was “save the third year “ reason being ….among the people left in the college were those who had been just a part of the clapping crowd ..we had been assigned the duty for choreography ..and none of the experienced people were ready to put their hands into it we had a completely raw stock ..including us ..with no prior knowledge of the event we started the struggle …please ask when ?? well just the night before the performance somehow we started the practice by teaching and learning ..some khichdi was prepared
now comes the day …time of event 6 pm
morning 6 am …dragging our aching legs ..which danced so long for the first time we went for the stage rehearsal of the rough outline ..though we depicted unity …we had so many heated arguments that it seemed someone will be knocked down today .. .trailer of dat did happen …my friend C (boxing girl) accidently hit on me on my face during our dance …my lips swollen specs shaped in a see saw I just had a slight intuition about wat was to follow ..
afternoon 1 : Trojan horse detected in my pen drive was prepared but we didn’t check the full track ..everybody of us was getting stuck at the same point in the sequence …no synchro headway ..we were on a save disqualification spree …

evening 4 : situation ..not even once did we have all our members together and not even once we had our practice in totality ..when at 4:45 everybody assembled the laptop went out finally it was going to be an almost an on the spot performance ...
evening 6: our slot was the third one ..all set infusing confidence in eachother we were all prepared to go when the boys yr came holding the rules list …It just clicked within that I shud have a look …and to my utter surprise props were not allowed ..we had prepared the props and there was to be an immediate change in our setting …(intuition worked)
2.. our turn came we landed on the stage …the music barely audible and the audience completely frenzied ..and to add to that all first timers on stage …so steps got awkward and hotch potch ruled …the music subsided in the middle ..and we were dancing with no music ..our cd had some problem ….
Distraught and angry we came out somehow persuaded for a re performance went on stage again ..with the crowd hooting “agaye besati karane” etc etc …
Actually anger and tension added flavour to our expressions and the synchro mess in the previous attempt was overpowered with a good satisfactory performance …and and …we won the first prize …unbelievable …it was .. unexpected as well …
So I was reaffirmed with two very important lessons of my life ….
“When u begin with firm faith in urself and the almighty …when you don’t think of the result but rather focus on delivering the best …HE will never disappoint you …It is just a matter of beginning ”
“karmanya vadhikarste mafaleshu sadachanan”
second thing “…..NEVER IGNORE AN INTUTION….it “
and i think i have been blessed with two wonderful friends ...and our combo really works ....BC U ROCK ....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 need of a pensieve..........

Sometimes when I close my eyes ..I sense a whirlpool of thoughts errupting in my mind ..and at the centre of this whirlpool I see myself ..standing confused ,aimless ..searching for the unknown ..avoiding the uncertain …
A vision blurred by thoughts thoughts and only thoughts …thoughts which when analysed have no meaning no sense and in no way are related to me ....I don’t know how they get a passage to my mind and continue to torment me …I try not to be a part of these thoughts which are alien to my life but still somehow get trapped ....
These whirlpool of thoughts just raise me from one shore and dumps me at the other. .. none of them being a part of my destination ….it seems I am in a trance and seem to have lost the sight of myself …I cant trace where I am ..I feel lost …. Just feel like breaking away the shackles of these thoughts and letting myself free feel my existence … redeem my thoughts be MYSELF ….

Sunday, August 13, 2006

~~~~ premature nostalgia ~~~~~

Two years have passed and the journey dat had begun is halfway to its destination ...a journey that aimed to take me to a distant shore ...
Ripping apart the rising waves , battling the strong winds and rowing with the tide I have managed to the middle of the sea from where the goal seems near but the pursuit difficult ...
From this place when i gaze into the past and again look into the future a strong wave hits me and the receding water gives me a feeling of the drifting time making me realise that the golden phase of life is nearing its end ....

college life ..a period that encompasses emotions friends feelings achievments failures success blunders masti and one final day only memories remain ....
Our fundamental rights of sleeping in class ,cribbing bout the college,loafing around in the sun during class , wild birthday bashes - will be stripped off and we ll be plunged into the war for survival in a world full of vices ...
Everything's gonna be theoretically same but the dimensions would be changed ...
8 to 5 schedule wud persist but the freedom wont load will exist but the excuses wont ...friends wud be around but the real ones wont ...
I might seem insane imagining things but my muse about the future makes me value my present even more ...these are the moments that will just be swayed away by the tide...we ll try to hold back some of it but as the water slips off the hands nothing would remain only hands will be wet with memories ....
so enjoy every moment of what u do where u are ...dont compromise desires for work and work for desires rather adjust everything coz this period is short and our attempt should be to live it to the fullest......

Saturday, August 05, 2006

~~~~WHO AM I ~~~~~

I am a soul in search of a direction
In the quest towards excellence
with an aim to reach a noteworthy destination
and to establish an appreciable identification .

well hey blog my first post on the eve of friendships day i have a new friend guess who ....
"U" dear happy friendship day ....bye for now but i ll surely keep u updated